Partial screen capture During my VIMEC years, I often needed a very simple drawing, just to illustrate an idea. A full blown CGM or g2 program seemed way too much for something this trivial, so given that all my notes were in plain TeX anyway, I opted for PSTricks.

Below are a few examples, each linking to its code. They were all made for the advanced dimensional inspection system shown to the right, mainly to explain the various parameters (D1, H2, E3, etc.) and the dimensions they refer to.

This screenshot shows the QNX4 Photon GUI. Note that VIMEC's current systems use QNX6, and have a far more modern look and feel. Personally, I kind of like the basic, almost austere design of the 'old' interface. But then again, I also like command line interfaces...


Each drawing above links to the code from which it was generated using e-TeX and dvisvgm.

If, on the other hand, a click on a drawing opens a PDF file, then your browser does not support Scalable Vector Graphics. Instead, you see a PNG image, and most likely a rather ugly one on top of that, due to the poor scaling (jagged lines) inherent to bitmaps. Refer to the PDF file to see what the drawing would have looked like, had your browser been more up to date. These PDF and PNG files were produced from the same DVI sources as the SVG files, this time using dvips and Ghostscript.
The PDF files are also available here, here, here, here, and here.