Clifford Geertz & Louis-Marie Chauvet

Ritual communication & the structure of Christian identity

Two admittedly crude diagrams, made way back in 1996 for my master's thesis on the sacramental theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet.
Ritual communication, as depicted on page 7 of Geertz 1973.
The book-example was added by me.
First appeared as figure 2 on page 12 of Michels 1996.
The structure of Christian identity, after a diagram on page 172 of Chauvet 1995. First appeared as figure 16 on page 63 of Michels 1996.


The initial version of both diagrams was made with the aid of a slightly tweaked DrawPerfect macro. The Chauvet diagram was then converted to PostScript using Mayura Draw, whereas the Geertz diagram was first translated to a NCAR CGM, available here, and then to PostScript using ctrans. After some final hand-editing in a text editor, these PostScript versions were turned into the above PDF and PNG files with Ghostscript.